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01/12/2009 - Update APPROVED!

04/12/2009 - AstroSerf Lite now available!

Check out the latest version, with OpenFeint support, online leaderboards and achievements, a new gameplay mode and a new junk type!

Hear what players are saying about AstroSerf!
"Your fingers will be flying around your iPhone's screen like they're possessed!" -GFoley83
"Out of the handful of line drawing games I have, this one is probably the best." -FFIX fan
"Boy am I glad I bought this. Very unique for the genre." -jerrylives41

AstroSerf is an exciting new game for the iPhone® and iPod touch® from DaVoid Digital, designed from the ground up as pure fast-paced, manic path-drawing, time-management, physics-based fun. If you think you've done the path drawing thing before, think again. Just when most similar games tell you "Game Over, man!", AstroSerf is only getting warmed up.

New features include:
AstroSerf is now OpenFeint enabled, with online leaderboards and loads of achievements!
"Audit Mode", a new harder gameplay mode where the boss is watching you!
Mysterious Monoliths, a new junk type with a very dramatic effect! Don't let them fill up a planet, or it's bad news!
Plus all the same good stuff from before:
Orbiting planets to land on!
Ships to unload and send off again!
Physics-based bouncing junk balls to shift and avoid!
Dynamic environments that change as the game progresses!
Crashes that interrupt your carefully drawn paths instead of just killing you!

Can you keep your cool and land the ships when the junk really starts flying?

Welcome to the world of AstroSerf

POSITION AVAILABLE: Sanitary engineering technician for an up-and-coming interstellar resort chain. No experience necessary. Your official title will be "AstroSerf".

Help Visitors!

So you've been a flight controller. You've been a harbour master. Heck, maybe you even did a moon drop or two back in college. But when things get messy, who sticks around to clean up the mess? Well, now that can be you... in SPACE!

Use your finely-honed path drawing skills to guide hapless interstellar vacationers to their destinations! You even decide their destinations for them - they're that hapless!

Clear Junk!

Use your also finely-honed flicking and tapping skills to flick crud off planets and shove it out of the way of space vessels! Or if you choose, into the way of space vessels! Really, it's wide open. You can even use physics to your advantage to nail that bank shot into the sun! Who says cleaning can't be fun?

Welcome aboard!